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Cloud storage guarantees your companies most valuable data in a security compliant data center. Utilizing cloud resources reduces the costs of hardware purchases and depreciating assets. Unlike many other cloud providers, we at the NOC offer options that include in-house services, under your control. Forward-thinking clients leverage the cloud and increase productivity. Our creative solutions provide access to your team needs from anywhere, anytime.

As a client, you’ll never need to worry about your cloud services being outsourced to other facilities thousands of miles away. All our resources are privately owned and U.S. based. Your move to the cloud can start today! Let us help you and your company.


We use a proactive, managed approach to maintain network environments, aiming to resolve the issue before it escalates. This saves you time, frustration and money. Monitoring client servers, critical network components, and uptime is the core of making businesses run smooth.

Your managed services umbrella depends on your business needs. Though every business is different, we all need transparent and consistent IT. The NOC is predictable in performance and cost. Allow us to show you how to reduce business risk, and make the most out of your network and technology.


Disaster Recovery (DR) is the foundation of any manageable network. We approach DR with two things in mind: the availability of data backups and the ability to get that back up into production. Your data is a critical asset to your business, therefore backing up that data by keeping a copy is of utmost importance.

When it comes to backing up data, important to know where your backup is and when it was last tested. Businesses commonly overlook testing. This is crucial because despite a business having a backup, it might be a while for the device or server to get their company back online. DR should be part of your initiative, not a reaction to a disaster. We’ll help you design a plan that puts you and your company at ease.


Voice over IP (VoIP) is a communication platform and inexpensive voice option. Implementing the right solution means video conferencing, private instant messaging, and live viewing of every user on the network from any enabled computer. By the use of remote transferring, smartphone integration, and call handling, phone calls can be sent and received from multiple locations to look like one.

Not all platforms are the same. These details can be tough to navigate and technically challenging, making it unclear on what options are the best for your particular needs and business. We make it easy. Reach out today for a consultation and discussion on what may be the next best step for you.


Technology is continuously advancing, so are modern counter network risks and threats. Costs are decreasing for tech and additional security measures are accessible for businesses of all sizes. Not too long ago, network security was something that only companies with large budgets gave attention to. In today’s age, with the importance of client information, it’s no longer a luxury, rather a necessity.

Your business data like the details, contracts, sales, communication, and email are the foundation of your business’s performance. You need to keep this safe. With your budget and goals in mind, allow us to help you take your network security to the next level.


Experience and expertise are required to design quality network environments. This means having attentive detail to create a network with you. You need to be able to access the information need quickly and ensure others can’t get it.

Every business has it’s own set of needs and functionality features. These differences are what make up the intricacies of the proper network design. Whether you’re starting a new project, or cleaning up an existing design, let us guide your decision making. We’ll help you design a solution that fits your business.


HIPAA, PCI or SAS70 requirements mandate many businesses to complete an audit. Audits shed light on network shortcomings regarding procedures such as access, storage, and handling of information. Business owners also benefit from audits because by preventing issues before they happen, the loss of productivity is minimized.

Our audit process starts with a professional, automated audit that is launched from within the network. The audit basis is industry-specific, meaning we format an approach that will generate the critical information needed to identify problems. Audit reports detail findings and remedied solutions.

Audit reports are client assets; these findings and the overall process outline is yours to keep. Network Audit projects are affordable. Contact us for further information on how to better your business and network.


Networks depend on the core infrastructure that they run on. Networks carry video and voice communications, as well as traffic and data. Our team has years of experience in both copper and fiber infrastructure.

Your performance goals, environment, and demands dictate your core network’s infrastructure. We can implement any CAT5, CAT6 or fiber optic solution for your business, office, or campus. Call us today to get started on your project planning.

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