Your Business Domain Name

Photo by Bench Accounting

When you wake up each morning and come to work, one of the first things you do is check your email.  As a member of the workforce in some shape form or fashion, you’re addicted to it.  Your clients and partners depend on it.

What’s the most business-critical asset you have?  Your building, a patent, or a product you developed.  Some would say it’s people. Without a team, the company isn’t much of a company.  When potential clients seek out services you offer, they start with a search and hopefully they land on your website.  This isn’t a new development and to say your digital presence is important is at least an understatement.

Maintain Your Domain Name

The one thing that can bring all of your web and email traffic to a halt or worse, have that access gone forever is the loss of your domain name.  A domain name is the string of characters after the “@” in your business email.  For example, our domain here is “”.

Most business owners are aware of this, but many other clients have no idea where their domain is registered. This is tough given the importance and the relevance to business. What creates more confusion or risk?  Good looking spam emails that tell you your domain is going to expire; click here to renew. 

In a few clicks, you’ll start to transfer your domain from one registrar (for example GoDaddy) to who knows where on the other side of the world.  I have seen this happen and seen businesses have to start from scratch; a ridiculously counterproductive project.

Pro Tips: 

  • Know where your domain is registered and keep that mainstream; or are easy options. 
  • No reputable registrar will send you an email with a hot link in it to renew your domain.  They may send you a notice to log in and renew, but they will not send you a live link.  Never click on a link in an email to complete this task. It’s a good idea to simply never click on a link in an email in general.
  • Go to your registrar, login and renew your domain for as long as they’ll let you.  Then, set a reminder in your calendar 6 months before expiration to make sure you have plenty of time to renew or weigh your options at that time.