The Rise of Telecommunication & Remote Work

Photo by Kevin Bhagat

Why would you want to hire a remote or freelance worker? The idea that the office is where work needs to be done in order to reach standards of satisfaction is fading away. While this innovative concept may not work for some, there are many benefits to going remote. If it interests you, you may consider it part of your business in the future.

Remote work and freelancing are on the rise and it’s up to businesses to accommodate this new change in the occupational statuses. In 2016, nearly 53 million Americans were freelancers, that’s 34% of the workforce! Projections show that by 2020 43% of the U.S. workforce will be freelancers. Challenges that occur in hiring these types of workers come in various ways such as: keeping track of their effectiveness.

Supporting remote workers can be done in the following:

  • Group Chat and Notifications applications are important in keeping in touch with contractors and keeping them engaged in what they’re doing.
  • Web and Video Conferencing are necessary parts of communication in maintaining expectations and new collaboration.
  • Project Management Tools such as cloud drives and time sheets log labor hours to maximize efficiency.

As more employers become accepting of remote and freelance workers, the industry will continue to grow. Companies that allow remote work experience 25% less employee turnover than companies that do not allow remote work. Remote workers can be long term, part-time, or temporary. Their tasks and roles can range from graphic designer to accountant.

This type of autonomy allows people to finish their work at their pace, taking time as they need. Business is slowly moving toward the new intrinsic value of motivation, allowing people to work at home and self-starting on their own volition.

With accessible internet and the privilege of being able to stay home, remote work has gained immense popularity. If business owners don’t capitalize on this movement, they will fall behind on as the traditional ways of employment become antiquated and obsolete.

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