Star2Star: VoIP

The technology world is full of buzz-words; “VPN,” “Security,” and the “Cloud.”  VoIP is no different, and if your a professional in our industry trying to simply provide the best possible solutions out there, the water can be muddy.

As an IT company, we provide integrated solutions. When it comes to giving our clients a solution for phone service, there’s no right way to buy “old school” phone systems any longer. For the most part, the phone systems you used to know used phone lines and hung in a closet. Those type systems are hardly made anymore. Everything, including phone traffic, runs on the computer or data network. Our goal is finding the best option for our clients. Our clients spend a lot of money to make their phone ring or at the least, they depend on it and need it to work well.

Star2Star is a partner we have been with for many years. We’re proud to be one of the early adopters of their platform.  They’ve grown from 1 data center to 11 co-located locations across the globe.  All while maintaining support within the US and mostly in Sarasota, Florida.

Businesses need phone systems. They all need to be connected to their clients with reliability, functionality, and new technology promises.  As a solution provider, we demand these things plus much more.  Star2Star is a fantastic company we stand by. Here’s another award that shows off their leadership in the VoIP, business telephone, and phone system space as, “Product of the Year.”

As an early partner, Star2Star has been an option depending on the needs and demands of the client or environment.  For the past 5+ years, it’s the only thing we install and offer.  Their technology is simply smarter than everything else in the marketplace.  This has served us and our clients well over the years.

Thank you.

The IT world we work in is dynamic, demanding personal attention.  Our personal relationship has recently paid dividends again. In the wake of Hurricane Matthew, many of our clients experienced loss in the form of damage to their prosperities or the stagnating local economy.  As many of us know, it was and continues to be difficult to recover. Star2Star reached out to us directly inquiring as to how they could help best. Ultimately, our affected clients are receiving 6 months of credits totaling almost $1,700 per client!

Thank you, Star2Star, and Cheers to North Florida and our grit as a community to clean up and rebuild. They are “The Best Phone Company in The World” in our book.