Preparing for Hurricane Dorian

Preventative measures regarding your technology:

  • Turn off your computers and unplug them from the walls before leaving the office for the storm.
  • Fight flooding by taking your valuables, particularly computers, off the floor. If your office is near a tidal body of water, there is a great possibility that flooding will occur. Hurricane Dorian is expected to have higher tides than normal on Monday, not including the storm surge.
  • These devices will need to be plugged in the same way and place they are now, so take pictures prior if need be. Once you return to work and items are back in their normal spot, everything should work accordingly. Call the NOC if you need assistance in setting up your devices.

Don’t forget that we’re dependent on service providers, like power companies and the internet, to perform for your network to work normally. Our monitoring team will be reaching out to clients who appear to be offline after the storm, however, if something’s not quite right, please reach out.

What about your server? 

If your server is onsite, you’ve chosen a backup that works for you. That backup is in place accordingly. The NOC’s goal is to maintain power and a normal environment around the server.

If you are in an area that will likely lose power, you may request a server shutdown by Friday if possible; scheduling a shutdown before the storm arrives is ideal. Note that during this time, the server and the functions it serves will be offline and not available. IMPORTANT: If we do schedule a shutdown for your server, you’ll have to press the power button on the front of your server to turn it on again. 

We’re here to support you before and after the storm. 

Our offices are open from 8:00AM to 5:00PM on Friday (8/30)and will resume normal business hours as soon as the storm passes. We will have a team available for emergency calls as needed. Please reserve this resource for emergencies, and be patient during the storm and related cleanup. We’ll help in any way that we can, so please feel free to reach us.

Thank you, and be safe.

The Network Operations Company