Demand for Technology

Over the past couple of decades, we’ve seen technology grow into something greater than before. With the rise of social media, instant gratification, and ease of use, today’s society is looking to abandon menial tasks and exchange them for a computer. It doesn’t matter if your personal beliefs are for or against the radical change, the population as a whole is begging for more tech!

CompTIA Global IT Industry Growth Projection

Technology is the leading catalyst for modern trends. Mobile devices, wearable technology, you use it to wake up in the morning, when you’re eating and especially when you’re on the toilet. For some, their world revolves around technology. As it grows, it’s up to businesses to meet and exceed the expectations of their customers. The importance of this is keeping up with technology is detrimental to the longevity of your business.

Factors for an Upgrade

  • Application Runtime: If your workday consists of using various software, and you’re experiencing difficulty with overall usage, it’s time.
  • Staff Increase: You’re growing and so is your staff, you’ll have more people accessing the server, therefore you’ll need better equipment
  • Productivity: If you’re devices take too long to load, then you end up paying precious time for employees to wait on their tech, thus wasting money
  • Security: Your company uses private and valuable data that is imperative to keep protected, it’s a good idea to upgrade every few years
  • End of Life: Like everything else, a tech device’s life must end at some point, the older it is, the risk for failure increases.

Regardless of how you may feel about your current technology: “It works great,” “I know this system,” “It’s been reliable since forever,” it’s still advantageous of you to keep in the know of what successful and competitive companies use in your line of business. To learn more, please call the NOC 904.471.0022 or email

Photo by Andrew Neel on Unsplash