Your Computer’s Lifespan

Whether you’re a laptop or desktop person, your computer is possibly the most valuable electronic you own. From your work files to photos of your kid’s firsts, your data attaches you to the device you’ve been using all these years. On top of that, many don’t particularly like change. You’ve already spent time learning how[…]

Your Kids and Technology

Managing technology, social media, and children has different challenges depending on the child’s age. With that in mind, there are solutions and products or to consider. Elementary School Many kids may have tablets or even begin to use the family computer a bit which may be hugely beneficial for educational games. Technology, however, is a[…]

Preventative Measures to Take with Your Tech

Stay ahead of your next bad day at work More Ransomware, Encryption Viruses and Virtual Landmines  We’ve posted a few times about the latest Ransomware out there and the general outline of what they do, how to avoid them and the danger associated with their infection. Yet another is on the loose and the extent[…]

What’s a CryptoLocker Virus?

The CryptoLocker, CryptoWall, and CryptoLocker 3.0 viruses are unique malicious tools known as ransomware that encrypts files using RSA-2048 key or AES-256, which are common encryption keys used to keep integrity and confidentiality of files safe. In order to decrypt the affected files, you either need to brute force the encryption key (which would require[…]

Digital Ethics & Privacy

The question that’s on everyone’s mind regarding their personal information is, “Am I safe?” As the news spreads stories of data leaks and privacy invasions, the average citizen is worried. Public awareness of this growing concern has made it to the top of tech trends in 2019, according to analyst Gartner. From phone apps to[…]