Preparing for Hurricane Dorian

Preventative measures regarding your technology: Turn off your computers and unplug them from the walls before leaving the office for the storm. Fight flooding by taking your valuables, particularly computers, off the floor. If your office is near a tidal body of water, there is a great possibility that flooding will occur. Hurricane Dorian is[…]

5G Networks

1G: Mobile voice calls2G: Mobile voice calls and SMS3G: Mobile web browsing4G: Mobile video consumption and higher data speed5G: Technology to serve consumers and the digitalization of industries. What is 5G? What exactly is 5G? We know that it’s faster, smarter, and better than what we had before. Without truly understanding what it means, we[…]

CRM: Information Management & Automation

Whether your business is service-oriented or product centralized, you have customers. As a business owner, you may already have some sore of CRM program in process to keep track of your customers. Customer relationship management (CRM) is a technology for managing all your company’s relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers. Now in 2019,[…]

Internet of Things (IoT) Today

Coined by Kevin Ashton, co-founder of MIT’s Auto-ID Lab, The Internet of Things (IoT) is connecting things to the internet like a doorbell, thermostat, refrigerator, and other smart home connectivity. The integration of IoT has been rapid and seemingly smooth. Consumers don’t think twice when it comes to purchasing an everyday item that can connect[…]

Digital Ethics & Privacy

The question that’s on everyone’s mind regarding their personal information is, “Am I safe?” As the news spreads stories of data leaks and privacy invasions, the average citizen is worried. Public awareness of this growing concern has made it to the top of tech trends in 2019, according to analyst Gartner. From phone apps to[…]