In recent years network audits have been a part of a required process. HIPAA, PCI or SAS70 requirements can mandate that business complete an audit that sheds light on network shortcomings around not only access but storage and handling of information.

In the past, penalties and fines drive the motivation for change and they continue to be a good reason for businesses to address shortcomings in their processes. With that, the loss of productivity and cost of downtime are quickly taking shape as a reason for businesses to get in front of issues before they become issues.

Our audit process starts with a professional, automated audit that is launched from within the network. The basis of the audits are industry specific; not a generic “one size fits all” approach. With your industry in mind we format an approach that will generate the critical information needed to identify problems.

All audits generate reports that detail findings as well as remedy direction and next steps. Audit reports are client assets; these findings and the overall process outline is important for many reasons and yours to keep.

Network Audit projects can be more affordable than you imagine. Contact our Sales Engineering team for further information and to begin the process to better your business and your network.